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EV3 Beginner Workshop

Autonomous Parking

Design cars that can park themselves safely without driver intervention.


Students will:
Understand that algorithms are capable of carrying out a series of instructions in order.
Explore the concept of Outputs by compare different ways in which a wheeled robot can park.

Students begin a new project in the EV3 programming environment.
They practice by creating a program that will make the robot park in different ways through code.



NGSS more
MS-ETS1-1. / MS-ETS1-2. / MS-ETS1-3. / MS-ETS1-4.

CSTA more
2-A-2-1 / 2-A-7-1 / 2-A-7-3 / 2-A-7-4 / 2-A-5-5 / 2-A-3-9 / 2-A-6-10 / 2-C-4-12 / 2-D-5-16 / 2-I-1-20

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